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Privacy Policy and GDPR

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Maple Technology Limited (“Maple”)
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Maple’s data protection officer is Andrew Davis, who is a director of the company.

Client information stored and processed

Client corporate information is gathered and stored by Maple for use in the provision of contracted services. This will include storing corporate and technical details in Maple’s: client contractual documents, service desk system, IT documentation systems. Such information is only gathered for the provision of contracted services and is not used for marketing purposes nor deliberately passed to any third parties other than where this is necessary for the provision of services, for example, Cloud service providers handling direct support requests on behalf of Maple and the client. Client information is not stored outside of the above systems.

Personal information processed

Maple requires a limited amount of personal information for the organisation owners and employees Maple provides services for. This will include full name, basic employment details such as department and job title, business email address, contact telephone numbers. This information will be obtained directly from the individual’s employer.

Why is personal information required and stored?

Personal information is required for the purposes of providing contracted services, namely IT support and consultancy.

Storing and processing of personal information

Personal data is stored in Maple’s: client contractual documents, service desk system, IT documentation systems. Personal data is not stored outside of these systems and is not passed on to any third-parties other than as necessary for the provision of services, for example a third-party needing to contact a client’s employee in the process of dealing with a legitimate service request.

Personal information rights

Clients and individuals may request access to, copy and deletion of their personal data as held by Maple. Such requests should be submitted in writing to Maple’s data protection officer.

Information retention

Maple only retains personal data for as long as it is relevant to the provision of the contracted services and for a limited amount of time up to six months after the end of any engagement.