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Maple's pricing structure

We price our client service contracts with fixed and transparent fees. There are quite a few variables to pricing, so our fees are based on:


  • Whether your company needs primarily systems and user support (fixed fee).

  • Whether your company needs a consultation package, to include an annual IT roadmap, regular scheduled IT meetings and inventories. 

  • The number of staff your company has and we need to support, and any additional computers.

  • The configuration of your in-office infrastructue. For example servers, network equipment, videoconferencing equipment.

  • Additional Cloud services you may want managed, such as Microsoft Azure servers.


For project work and consultancy, we will give you accurate fixed prices based on the cost of equipment and services we obtain for you, and the hourly rates for the project team. Therefore there are no financial surprises or unknowns in our IT projects.


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for a bespoke quote based on your requirements 

Maple’s transparent pricing schedule give clients predictable monthly IT costs: 

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We appreciate your interest in our services and would be delighted to assist you with our IT support services. Our team of specialist consultants look forward to discussing your requirements. You can reach us directly by calling our dedicated phone line at 0203 900 4300 or sending us an email.