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Cloud telephone systems - RingCentral

Modern Cloud-based telephone systems let you use your business telephone anytime, anywhere.


Cloud telephony has been an absolute game-changer. No more expensive telephone system hardware, and no more being tied to the office. What used to cost thousands to own and thousands a year to maintain, now costs less than £20 per person per month, including calls. 


Maple is a RingCentral partner. Among their product portfolio, RingCentral provides a great Cloud-based telephone service which can be set up as a standalone application, a plug-in in Teams, or as a direct routing provider for Teams telephony.  It has all of the features you would expect in a phone system - call waiting, ring groups, hunt groups. Our particular favourite is being easily able to see when our colleagues are on the phone or available.

Call recording can be switched on at company level or individual level, and you can review recordings just by clicking 'play' within the call log. 



We like RingCentral's telephone system so much that we use it for ourselves as well as several of our clients. It's user-friendly and super reliable. 


As a partner, we just had an addiional demo - RingSense. UNREAL!  It's an AI solution that will process and transcribe calls and interpret them to create performance information, measure call quality and outcomes, even down to how well the agent performned on the call and how happy the customer was.


More on RingCentral's phone system here


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