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Phishing Testing

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Phishing Testing

Why do you need phishing testing for your staff?

Well, over 90% of hacks, viruses and ransomware incidents begin with phishing emails. We are all reading about ransomware attacks every day, and most of these begin with somebody inadvertantly clicking a link in a phishing email.

Regular cybersecurity training and phishing testing for staff is the best way to manage this risk.


Maple's team designs email templates which are relevant to clients' sectors, as well as current news topics and critical industry deadlines such as tax year-end. Our system sends varyingly timed targeted emails to staff and tracks reactions and responses.

The email data is used to build monthly activity reports for clients to monitor and identify their strengths and areas for development and potential training opportunities.

This service is open to all, not just Maple's managed services clients. The setup time is one day. Twelve months of testing and reporting costs from £10 each month depending on the number of staff. Shorter subscriptions are available too.

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