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On-Site IT

As companies scale up, some like to have the accessibility and consistency of their own IT resources, like having an IT department. But 1-2 people cannot fully cover IT for a growing organisation when you factor in things like IT specialisations, holidays, and management overheads.

So, we offer clients the service of their own dedicated and experienced IT consultant, working in their office or remotely. But, with the capabilities of a managed service provider. For many clients, this is the best of both worlds.

We can (and already do) provide this service for clients, and it's proving to be a useful working model, in the right space.

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We appreciate your interest in our services and would be delighted to assist you with our IT support services. Our team of specialist consultants look forward to discussing your requirements. You can reach us directly by calling our dedicated phone line at 0203 900 4300 or sending us an email.


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