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IT Support For Home Workers 

A London IT Company providing support for home and hybrid workers

Millions of us got used to working from home in 2020. We and our employers were forced into it almost overnight. Luckily for us and our clients, being able to leverage great Cloud systems and manage computers and services remotely, the transition went well. Our clients credit us with keeping them fully operational during a difficult period.

Since then, we see a broad pattern of hybrid working in our client base.  We see that most staff still come in to the office at some point, if not full time, and that face-to-face working at least of some of the time is beneficial for all. But on the whole, lots of people work at home, and they need their IT and services to be as productive and reliable there as in the office.


So how do we facilitate and support this?


For a start, we keep our clients office running and maintained as we did before the Covid crisis. But we see less of a dependence in internal infrastructure sure as servers, and less need for offices to be joined as part of a wide area network.

Some companies like staff to have desktop computers in the office, and another computer at home. And some have staff using a laptop which they bring with them when they work in the office. In both cases, our IT tools enable our service team to proactively manage all computers, and support the end users whereever they are. When staff need equipment at home, we get it shipped directly to them. In many cases we will pre-prepare laptops so they are ready as soon as their 'owner' opens the lid. This covers the large majority of support calls.


We also provide clients with a VIP, or 'white glove' service, whereby we have set up second offices or home offices for company executives, and support these in addition to their main office. 


The combination of our great team, our systems, and our processes means that we keep our clients working seamlessly whether they are working in the office or at home.

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We appreciate your interest in our services and would be delighted to assist you with our IT support services. Our team of specialist consultants look forward to discussing your requirements. You can reach us directly by calling our dedicated phone line at 0203 900 4300 or sending us an email.


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