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IT support for Hedge Funds

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IT Support for Hedge Funds

Hedge Funds manage significant assets for their clients and must meet strict regulatory and Investor requirements. The security and reliability of their data and systems has a tangible impact on their reputation and success.

The need for an experienced IT team providing a proactive and responsive service is a fundamental requirement.

There are specific regulatory requirements that are not common to other sectors; for example data protection and retention, call recording, cybersecurity, global regulatory reporting, use of market-data systems such as Bloomberg and Reuters. There will be stringent IT policies and procedures and frequent DDQ requests from investors and other counterparties which will need management-level IT experience to accurately complete.


Our experience

Maple was founded in 2018 by staff from one of the world's leading specialist commodities hedge funds. This company became Maple’s first client and continues to play a pivotal role in nurturing Maple's development. Their commitment demonstrates the trust that the industry’s best place in Maple’s services.

The majority of Maple's clients currently are in the hedge fund and investment management sector.


Maple's qualities

Maple's business goal is to meet our clients existing IT requirements and to be proactive in always keeping them one step ahead. We invest in full-time, permanent staff who understand our client's businesses, and work with professionalism and integrity.

We use high quality systems to facilitate our operations and we take due care over our cybersecurity, policies and procedures. We keep our own house in order in just the same way we advise our clients to.


We are based in the City of London, by Bank.

Included in Maple's IT Support Services

Your Partner in Success

Maple is not just a service provider - we are committed to providing the leading service in our sector. Your success is also our success.

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We appreciate your interest in our services and would be delighted to assist you with our IT support services. Our team of specialist consultants look forward to discussing your requirements. You can reach us directly by calling our dedicated phone line at 0203 900 4300 or sending us an email.