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Using home computers for work?

Is it ok for staff to use their own computers for work?


Letting your staff use their own computers for work is a great shortcut to getting hacked or hit with ransomware. If you do this, how do you know that the computers are:

  • Up to date with Windows (or Mac) software patches?
  • Secured with user authentication and hard drive encryption?
  • Free of viruses, malware, and ransomware?
  • Free of unsupported software applications installed?
  • Only used for appropriate web-browsing?


Missing any of these things can represent an extreme risk to your data and systems and therefore your business. Yes, you can install management software to fulfil these requirements, but you are on tricky territory taking over someone’s own equipment.

What you should have in place are fully managed computers with:

  • Software patching according to vendor and Microsoft/Apple schedules.
  • Passwords and BitLocker hard drive encryption.
  • Leading antivirus software installed and monitored.
  • With limited capabilities to install unwanted software.
  • Web filtering software.


Takeaway: control your environment and reduce risk by using professionally managed computers for business.

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