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Why Outlook is a better bet than the Mail app on your iPhone

Stop using the Apple mail program for your email now!

Why? (and what to use)

57,174 mobile phones stolen in London over 12 months! And:


A lot of phone thefts are robberies while the phone is in-hand and in-use. Therefore, the phone is probably also unlocked, and unlocked phone = access to every app which doesn’t enforce touch ID or face ID every time you open it, including Mail, Contacts, Messages, Photos.


Imagine the potential damage if someone stole your phone and has access to your email. Not only can they read your email, but they can start resetting every other account/password you have, because they all send you a password-reset email.


Quickest win I know right now – don’t use Apple mail. Install Outlook, then go into settings and switch on Touch ID / Face ID, depending on your handset model. This way at least this will be required every time email is opened, so it’s secure.


There are other fixes – other Apps, MDMs for phone locking. Find my phone for locking. But this is the quickest win and instant protection.

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