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Our laptop picks for clients

Here at Maple, laptops are our bread and butter.

Check out our preferred models, selected based on their reliability and performance in meeting our diverse needs.

When it comes to reliable business performance, our top recommendation is the HP ProBook series. Available in i5 and i7 versions (with AMD processors as well), and offering three screen sizes - 13, 14, and 15.6 inches. The 15.6-inch model stands out with its larger screen and number pad on the keyboard. You can find more information about the HP ProBook series here.

For those seeking a more premium option, we suggest HP EliteBook. These laptops can handle larger monitors and have a slightly nicer finish. Some of our executive and trader clients prefer the EliteBook series, especially for its tablet/flip format. Learn more about the HP EliteBook series here.

Another premium choice is the Microsoft Surface Pro 9. While it leans more towards being a tablet than a laptop, it’s widely used for its docking purposes. You can explore the Microsoft Surface Pro 9 here.

To ensure peace of mind, we like to add a three-year warranty to all laptops, as no device is immune to occasional issues.

Please note that we've excluded Dell laptops from our recommendations due to reliability concerns compared to HP.

We always recommend laptops that come with Windows 10pro and are equipped with at least 16gb of RAM, ensuring smooth performance for business tasks.

All laptops mentioned feature USB-C ports, making them compatible with the monitors we use.


For pricing reference in GBP:

  • ProBooks: £700 - £900
  • EliteBooks: £1000 - £1300
  • Surface Pro with accessories: £1200 - £2500
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