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How to select and use good passwords

Passwords are everywhere. We all have to use them in our work and personal lives. Following some good password guidance will make your online life easier and keep your services and information safer.


Password guidance

  • Size matters! A long password is harder to guess and harder to crack. It’s that simple. Think of 12 characters as your minimum length for passwords.
  • Don’t base your passwords on personal information. This can be guessed. It’s classic social engineering.
  • Make your password easy to use for you. *&0)*£%$gP9t” may be an incredibly complex password, but it’s also incredibly difficult if you have to type it. This may render it unworkable, and you may revert to ‘easy’ passwords.
  • Use unique passwords - don’t use the same password on multiple systems or websites. Imagine if one you use gets hacked and your password is stolen, and that password also works on 50 other websites. That could be a very unpleasant situation to be in.

Top tip number 1

  • User three random words.  For instance, JulyNightYellow is a nice long and unguessable password, yet you can still type it and use it.

Top tip number 2

  • Use a password manager. This will help you use good passwords as above and keep them safe. There are some great ones available, and this article highlights some of the best.

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