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Cloud to Cloud backups of Microsoft (Office) 365

Did you know that if you use Microsoft 365 for your files and emails, you can also have Cloud-to-Cloud backups with a separate vendor? Why would you do this?

Well for a start if you’re a financial services firm, there is a pretty good chance that investor DDQs or compliance partner audits will ask if you take external backups of your Cloud services. You can make this an easy box to tick.

365 is ultra-reliable, but it you get hit by ransomware, a malicious hacker, a disgruntled employee, or a fat-fingered accident, rather than sifting through folders and files in a never-ending cycle of finding previous versions, your ultimate recovery would be restoring everything to a safe point in time. I’m not saying this sort of recovery would take a couple of minutes, but at least you have a recovery option.

Drop us a line if you want to know more about backing up 365.  

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